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I have been lucky enough to be graced with a an ARC of Lynn Viehl’s latest work, Shadowlight, first book in her new series about the Kyndred and sequel of sorts to her successful Darkyn series, and I’d like to share my experience here.

For those who haven’t read the Darkyn novels, there is enough information here to make the story totally understandable without having to read the Darkyn books. Personally, I’d recommend to do it, especially for the vampire genere fans, because they are great, but I’m sure that once you have finished Shadowlight, you won’t need further goading and you’ll make that trip to the bookshop to find them.

From the Darkyn books, we have a couple of well loved characters: fomer Kyn hitman, Lucan and his life companion Samantha Brown, a detective in the Fort Lauderdale Police Department. Their interactions are always fun to read, as much as the small appearance of Dr. Alex Keller, another well loved character of the Kyn fans.

Then, we have a set of whole new characters. I must admit that I wasn’t exactly hooked with Jessa, I suppose I identified her with Jema Shaw, a character from the previous series that didn’t do it for me either. Matthias, on the other hand, presents a lot of interesting possibilities, and I’d love him meeting Dr. Keller, for example. I liked Rowan a lot, but despite the little he is seen on the book, it's Drew whose story I’d like to see in future Kyndred books.

Many questions that arose in the last books of the Kyn series are left unanswered in this first book, and considering that this is a whole new series, it’s understandable.  However, since they share the same universe, and the Kyndred are the result of a botched experiment carried out by the Kyn archenemies, the Brethren, I expect that the some of these questions are tied up in the upcoming books.

There is a new villain in this book (and presumably, in the new series), a corporation who seems hell bent in exploiting the genetic improvements that resulted of the experiments of the Brethren. We don’t know yet if they are aware of these experiments, if they were part of them, or if they stumbled upon the Brethren experiments by chance. There are tantalizing hints of a new twist in this universe, with the mysterious link to Matthias/Tanicus and Genaro’s family, Matthias’ tattoo and ancient origin, and how it ties up with what we already know of the Darkyn and Kyndred origins. All this will hook new and old readers alike, in my opinion.

Shadowlight is an interesting new step forward into this fascinating universe that Lynn Viehl has crafted for us. You’ll find here engaging new characters, old classic ones that don’t disappoint, a plot with enough twists to keep you turning pages well into the night, and lots of questions that will keep you coming back for more Kyndred books. There is a good dose of romance, but it’s well done, and the sex is well balanced and adds to the plot, not at all like in Some Authors that Will Remain Nameless. I’ll give four starts out of five, because the active villain, Lawson, was really annoying and cartoonish at times, too over the top for me. However, don’t miss Shadowlight. Go and preorder. Now.

New boots

May. 27th, 2009 09:17 am
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Well, I bought my new boots. Not the ones I really wanted, but still cool (there were really great ones, and in all prices, from US$30 to over US$ 150, I bought a cheap ones for US$ 50).

Then we went to the Havanna store and had a coffee that was pure sin (coffee, chocolate milk, cream on top, and chocolate chips on top). And of course an alfajor. I shouldn't have, but you live just once. And the temperature dropped drastically, from 30ºC in Friday, Saturday and part of Sunday to 4ºC yesterday.

On other news, there have been 34 new cases of the Mexican flu in Buenos Aires (the province, not the city), and 7 schools have suspended classes altogether. Most cases have happened in the same school (13 kids, infected by one girl who had spent a few days in Dineyworld), the other schools have had one case, but they share some of the same teachers, and some of the kids and the schools too have joint activities. All these are private schools in the wealthy belt north of Buenos Aires city.

So far, most victims here come from the well-to-do, people who has traveled abroad, or who has been in close contact with people who has traveled. Given this fact (meaning they have good health and solid nutrition background), none of the cases have been as virulent as the ones in Mexico, and nobody is in a severe risk so far.

However, there have been a few incidents that alarms me far more than the flu itself. See, the media has turned this into a mania and everybody is obsessed and what is worse, scared. Scared as in a mob mentality scared. People has thrown stones against Chileans tourists suspected of being infected, when they sought treatment in a public hospital in Mendoza city, private clinics refusing attention to people with flu-like symptoms in Buenos Aires...

I mean, as of today there are 12.954 infected persons in 46 countries around the world. Sixty cases are under study here. Sixty. No six million, or even 600.000. So, what's this? Media hype. I don't say that one has to dismiss the flu, we know (and have been expecting) the Great Flu of the Century for a few years, because that's what we should expect, that's how the flu behaves historically. but I think this media frenzy is way too much over the top. less than 13.000 cases around the world in what, a month? Flu season has just "opened" here, and I suppose we'll be hearing about a few more cases, but I think people is too scared and feeling the threat is bigger than it actually is. There had been thousands of infected people with dengue this year in Argentina, because there hadn't been responsible campaigns preventing it. Those thousands are now at risk of death, if they get reinfected in the future, a serious, actual possibility if the State keeps neglecting its duties in this field. Those who had been infected by dengue usually recovers well, but if they are reinfected, they can suffer hemorrhagic dengue, and die very quickly.

That's the real danger, those thousands who can die in a re-infection. They are a greater risk with dengue than with the flu. But we are hearing ad nauseam about this flu.

Ah, well, that's how the media work.


May. 22nd, 2009 07:35 pm
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I got a cold. It's funny, yesterday I was fine. I started with a congestion before going to bed, and now I feel dizzy and I have a low fever. Figures. Just when I had planned to go out to buy a new pair of boots (my old ones died two days ago).
I slept all afternoon and I feel pretty awful right now. I asked hubby to get some take out, because I don't feel like standing and cooking at all.

I suppose the weird weather is to blame. last Friday, we had 4ºC in the morning and today, a week later, we had 30ºC! Unbelievable for this time of the year.
Hope to get better soon, before I cover the house in tissues.
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Well, starting in a new place, aren't we? I hope to be more like my daughter, who posts everyday in her journal.


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